Best Treadmill for Running

How to Choose Best Treadmill for Runners

A treadmill is an excellent fitness machine that can help you improve your health and increase endurance. We have selected several treadmills suitable for people who prefer running over walking. All the models come with advanced shock absorption, large running areas, and advanced incline and decline options. They are available at a good price and have competitive warranties.

Choosing a Treadmill for Running

Treadmills for runners are quite different than those fitness machines offered for walkers because they should be equipped with everything needed for comfortable running. We will explain to you what features and factors you should take into account when choosing the best treadmill for running.

What Speed Do You Need?

A regular treadmill for runners comes with speed settings ranging from 0.5 to 12 mph. Treadmills designed for walkers usually have top speeds of around 10 mph. There are treadmills for runners that come with even higher speed, and it is possible to find a few models that are able to provide 15 mph or more. Even if you do not plan to run very fast, you should still consider these treadmills because they perform more smoothly and they are more durable if compared to other models.

Checking a Motor

When choosing a treadmill for running, make sure that it comes with at least a 3.0 CHP motor. It is also important to mind your weight and intensity of your training. The more powerful the motor, the more opportunities will you be able to enjoy. That is why if you have doubts, it is better to choose a fitness machine with 4.0 CHP. Except for horsepower, other factors also should be taken to attention. The best motors are equipped with cooling systems to prevent wire burn, and they operate quietly.

Choosing Cushioning

One of the best things about treadmill training is the lower risk of health injuries. Running at home is safer for your joints! You should choose a treadmill for runners that comes with good cushioning. There are models which decks can absorb the impact about 30% better than asphalt or grass, but the exact percentage should be checked out for each particular model. The cushioning is usually the same throughout the track, but there are models with plush at the front of the track and firmer at the rear. Some treadmill models come with the on/off cushioning feature. It is great for runners who need to get ready for a competition, and that is why need shock absorption similar to the road.

Choosing the Right Belt

It is important to choose a quality belt because it is responsible for smooth operating and need for maintenance. Belts in low-priced treadmills require lubrication quite often, but the best treadmills come with the so-called pre-lubricated belts, which are usually infused with silicone or designed in any other way to ensure smooth running with low maintenance need. Such belts are also thicker than those found in cheap models, so they are more durable. If you choose the right treadmill, you can count on at least 15,000 miles of training before the need to change the belt. There is one brand that offers treadmills with a belt that can provide 150,000 miles. It should take you around 20 minutes to the swap the belt in best models.

Considering Incline

The best treadmills for runners come with power inclines, which means that they allow simulating uphill training. The ramps in such models can be easily adjusted by using buttons on the handlebars/console or preset programs. An incline of about 1-2% is recommended to provide the same effect as wind resistance. Also, the incline is awesome for interval training. Basically, you can replicate any challenge typical for outdoor training. If you are looking for the best treadmills for runners, you should choose the one with power inclines of up to 15-20% that may also have slight declines as well.

Getting Important Data

Treadmills are great cardio trainers, and when using them, it is important to get information on the condition of your cardiovascular system. Probably, all treadmills allow you to monitor your pulse when your hands are on grips on the handlebars, but the best models allow you to do this with the help of wireless pulse receivers. This is how you can get more accurate data in a much more convenient way. When choosing the best model, do not forget to check if it is equipped with a wireless chest strap because often they are sold separately.

Using Helpful Programs

All treadmills starting with the cheapest to the most expensive models come with training programs. However, there are differences in quality levels between them that you should take into account. The best models will allow you to save your profile, which is important for getting more information, especially in terms of weight loss. It also allows you to save your workout programs. User profiles are only supported in the best treadmills. However, you can find even low-priced treadmills equipped with the wireless iFit program, which also allows you to save data in your profile.

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